Sep 19th

Connect Group Signups

ByMarkey Church | In Groups, News

We all need help finding our people, and we all want to be connected. But life can be so busy that friendships can be difficult to develop, especially with people here at church. So what’s a person like you to do? Here at Markey Church, we exist to help you connect with God and others, and we think the best way for you to do that is to join a Connect Group.  Connect Groups are sermon-based small groups, made up of around 10-12 adults, that meet throughout the year in someone’s home during the Fall, Winter, and Spring.  Your Connect Group will dig deeper into the current sermon series, enjoy really good snacks, and engage in meaningful conversation about the most important things in life.  So what are you waiting for?  Help us help you get connected in a Connect Group.  Sign up for your group in the Café on Sunday morning!